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STORY of Auto Russian Rocket Fuel

General characteristics

New York City Feminized Cannabis Seeds produce strong, independent female plants that produce heavy, dense buds in abundance. The bush itself has slender forms and a small number of side branches. Cones and leaves are covered with a thick layer of resin and strewn with snow-white crystals. Even an amateur can cultivate feminized New York City cannabis seeds, you just need to follow the basic rules and provide acceptable living conditions.


The branches of his family tree include the most powerful and popular varieties of the planet. Breeders created New York City using an aeroponic system, and the result exceeded their expectations. His genetics combine a strong set of qualities from NYC Diesel and Jack Herer that gave New York City great performance and a unique effect.

Taste and effect

New York City will fill the space with bright aromas of citrus fruits, as if turning it into a tropical plantation. Soft white smoke consists of a variety of sweet flavors of lemon, orange and grapefruit. The effect of New York City will fill the mind with positive and joy, forcing it to actively develop thoughts, and energize the body, running vibrations through all its muscles.

Medical application

New York City is ideal for solving common problems among residents of large cities. The list of these problems includes:

  • depression;
  • physical pain;
  • anxiety states;
  • migraine;
  • stress;
  • loss of appetite.

American City Feminised


Variety facts:

  • THC:


  • Variety type:

    70% Sativa/30% Indica

  • Bloom:

    75–80 days

  • Harvest:

    up to 500 g/m²

  • Genetics:

    Jack Herer x NYC Diesel

  • Ingathering:

  • Plant height:

    170–240 cm

  • The effect:


  • Taste:


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