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Auto Big Bud XXL Feminised Silver


Variety facts:

  • THC:


  • Variety type:


  • Bloom:

    65–75 days

  • Harvest:

    500–800 g/m²

  • Genetics:

    Big Bud x Northern Lights #1

  • Ingathering:

    85–95 days

  • Plant height:

    150–200 cm


STORY of Auto Russian Rocket Fuel

Auto Big Bud XXL - will be the best choice in terms of working with seeds, both for experienced and beginners. But still more for beginners, since experienced ones will not need to do anything at all. European breeders claim that it does not take much effort to reproduce seeds, while the output is more than decent.

A notable feature is the autoflowering. This characteristic makes the lighting period much easier, since the glow time is not so important. One gets the impression that Auto Big Bud XXL is from another galaxy! Not only is an excellent result obtained on harvest, plus an autoflowering, but also not very demanding in terms of care, while having a high level of THC.

Also, the variety is great for cloning, if there is a need for it. But after the Europeans see the plant at its peak, the need immediately appears.

It follows from this that Auto Big Bud XXL seeds, with all their abilities and characteristics, have proven themselves excellently. That is why you can buy Auto Big Bud XXL without hesitation, as well as reproduce.

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