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American City Silver


Variety facts:

  • THC:


  • Variety type:

    70% Sativa/30% Indica

  • Bloom:

    75–80 days

  • Harvest:

    450–550 g/m²

  • Genetics:

    Jack Herer х NYC Diesel

  • Ingathering:


  • Plant height:

    110-160 cm

  • The effect:



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General characteristics

Regular American City cannabis seeds produce delightful shrubs covered in the finest cobwebs of trichomes that release enormous amounts of resin. The strain adapts perfectly to all weather conditions, as well as to all types of cultivation. Despite the clear predominance of sativa genes in the culture, its seedlings have a relatively short flowering period. As the crop matures, it grows a huge central cola dotted with fantastic flowers. Another feature of American City, inherited from its Indian ancestors, is its ability to form small and incredibly dense buds that fill the space with a wonderful lemon scent.


From famous relatives, American City has inherited, along with a high commercial potential, the love of most growers around the world. As part of the strain, the genes of such unique cultures as Jack Herer and NYC Diesel were combined into a powerful genetic mix. An interesting fact from the history of the creation of the strain is that it was created in an aeroponic installation, and the high quality of its seedlings and powerful effect came as a complete surprise even for the breeders themselves. Regular cannabis seeds of the American City variety are invulnerable to fungal, but completely defenseless against rot, which will require additional protection measures for their shoots.

Taste and effect

American City inherits its delicious lemon flavor from its genetic ancestors. The luxurious scent of the hybrid can magically transform the most ordinary plantation into a delightful piece of paradise. The unique authentic aroma of culture will give the body an incredibly strong charge of vivacity, which will instantly erase all sorrows and experiences and fill the soul with positive and a feeling of joy. The hybrid will force your brain to work hard for several hours in a row, and all this time it will generously generate extremely positive emotions.

Medical applications

Very often American City is used to correct and stabilize the state of mind of its wards. Strain is considered to be an excellent remedy for depression, fatigue and abnormally low mood. In addition, its use has been shown to reduce the clinical symptoms of autism, Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit disorder, and retrograde amnesia.

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